Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use timing system?

Real–time data not only optimizes an athlete's training and helps them achieve their goals faster, but it also offers several additional benefits. For instance, it saves time when testing groups of athletes and makes it easier to keep track of test results. Additionally, it increases athletes' motivation and provides valuable insights about individual results. Plus, using this technology can help you stand out among your coach-buddies, giving you a competitive edge.

What is included?

  • Motion Trials start sensor.

  • Motion Trials finish sensor.

  • Charging cable.

  • Full access to Motion Trials app.

  • Customer support.

How does it work?

  1. To get started with the sensors, charge them until the green LEDs remain on.

  2. Turn on both sensors.

  3. Open the Motion Trials app and follow instructions to pair sensors with your phone.

  4. There is an indication on the app which sensor is at the start of the distance and which is at the end, so place sensors accordingly.

  5. Select an athlete from the list (you need to create athletes' profiles in advance) and tap Start button. Sensors will indicate with blinking LEDs that they are triggered and ready for the test.

  6. After the first athlete completes the test, tap Save. You can now repeat steps 5 and 6 with your other athletes.

  7. The app will automatically store and synchronise all testing data and will even remind you when it is time to make tests again.

What are the core features?

  • Accuracy of 0.005 seconds.

  • Supported distance between devices: from 2 up to 100 meters.

  • 10–hour battery life.

  • Does not require additional wearable tags.

  • Daybright LED indications.

  • Sound indications.

Do athletes need to have any tags or sensors on their body?

They do not. Motion Trials timing system was designed to eliminate any additional chips or tags on athletes' bodies.

How accurate are Motion Trials sensors?

Motion Trials system is based on ultrasonic technology, but the power lies in sensing algorithm which allows us to have precision of professional timing systems while still being affordable.

Do I need extra accessories?

No, you don't need tripods or any personalised wearable tags.

How many people can the system detect at the same time?

It can currently detect only one person, but we are making improvements for our algorithm to detect more athletes simultaneously.

Whats the maximum distance for Motion Trials sprint system?

Motion Trials sprint system is able to make precise measurements when sensors are placed between 2 and 100 meters apart. In case you'd use more than four devices you'd be able cover standard track & field stadium capturing four splits.

How much does it cost?

It will be priced as a Premium stopwatch. Subscribe and be the first to find out.

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